A Toy for Young Children

While young children are today bombarded by high-tech electronic toys that teach immediate gratification, they also need simple toys that are fun and entertaining but teach patience and critical thinking.

Chess has always been considered a fun and educational game.  Current studies indicate that chess opens a child’s mind and emotions to invaluable life lessons, and it is increasingly considered an important educational tool that is being taught at the lower elementary school level around the world.

The First Chess Set is a stand-alone toy comprised of the six primary chess characters (refrigerator magnets) in a durable and attractive wooden carrying case with a metal floor that holds the pieces in place.

The First Chess Set introduces young children to the six main figures of chess that they can play with now as refrigerator magnets, but will soon find increasingly more interesting and complex as they mature and discover other age-appropriate uses for these compelling and historical characters.

The First Chess Set includes an aesthetic wooden carrying case that is inviting for a child and pleasing to an adult’s eye.  One of the most highly-regarded games in the world, chess is not dependent upon any single language.

The First Chess Set encourages imaginative play, thought, and individual and shared interaction at the same rate that the child grows in intellectual and emotional maturity.  This early introduction to and growing familiarity with these characters – a king, queen, knight, bishop, rook and pawn – will encourage young people to learn the game itself as soon as they are intellectually and emotionally able to do so.